Do you know about vidmate app?


For the people it is easy to learn a skill or craft if they can see it. It is believed that one can remember the things easily if one can view it somewhere rather than hearing about it. That is why the sites where many videos are uploaded are much popular. They get the videos from various uploaders or creators but they do not allow the users to download the same. In such case if a user wants to download the video still on his device, he can go for the vidmate app which is a fantastic app and effective to pull the concerned video from any platform.

The app:

Vidmate app is a known one as far as the video downloading is concerned. There are many apps in the market which boasts about the effective downloading of videos from any platform but only a few of them are true in their claims. Among such app one can find the name of vidmate app on top of the list. This app is not Google verified and hence one cannot find it on the Play Store. Due to this when one downloads the app it shows security breach but it is not the case at all.

To download this app one needs to check the site 9apps which is the parent site of this app. Here one can find the app as well as the link to download it. As soon as one clicks the link he can see the app downloading on his device. It takes only a few moments to get this app on the phone. Once the app is downloaded it is ready to get installed on its own. It takes few more seconds to get it ready for the use. Once the installation is completed it is ready to pull any video from any platform.

The function:

The app is much effective to get the video downloaded easily. One needs to provide it the link or URL of the concerned video that can help it pull the video. With the pasting of the URL in the concerned space one can find it too easy to fetch the video. One needs to hit the button of download and in a few seconds only one can see the video pulled on his device. Not only that, but he can also see that the same is stored in a specific folder which is created by the app only. Hence, it is also easy to track the video, after, pulling it to the device. For the users it is also possible to change the quality of the video as there are options of settings provided which can help one get the video quality as he requires. The most notable point of this app is it is too easy to use and with simple design. The size of an app is a big issue for a device but here one needs not worry as the app size is also too compact and hence does not occupy much space on the same.