Five Tips for Successful Guerilla Marketing Techniques


The ever-growing advancements in technology has given a huge ground for marketers to market their products. Everything has shifted extensively from traditional marketing practices to digital marketing in the contemporary world. Companies believe it’s the most convincing and powerful platform to sell their products. There are many types of marketing happening in the world and the most creative one out of all is the guerilla marketing.

While guerilla marketing for a start-up or a small business has many benefits, it also has its risks. The way you run a guerilla marketing campaign in an Influencer Marketing Agency in Dubai can sometimes leave a negative impact on the customers, they might get disrupted, offended or get upset by the adverts. However, to eliminate the negative factors,guerilla marketing for service companies in Dubai have some amazing tips to ensure your marketing strategy is a success and they are as following.

Don’t violate any law

Guerilla marketing is risky and the risk should either be in the hit or miss form. When you are planning out your marketing tactics, make sure you take plenty of time to do your research, make sure you are not violating a solicitation law or you need a license to do what you are doing. Make sure you do not choose a location that has some boundaries to it.

Make sure you are not allying with the greater communities while running a guerilla marketing campaigns. Your offline behavior affects your online reputation, so take these two aspects parallel while strategizing your marketing plans.

Plan carefully

While planning a guerilla marketing campaign, you only have one shot to make it a success. Planning is a crucial step in it. While guerilla marketing tactics are designed to be random, the planning of putting together your creativity requires greater investment of time. Guerilla marketing tactics are typically one time campaigns and it needs to be spot on. So think, plan and then implement to achieve the desired results.

Have a clear message

Guerilla marketing is innovative and the tactics are designed creatively. However, if you have a hidden message, or a secret in the marketing design then you should still give a clear hint to the consumers about the products and services you are marketing.

Be clear in giving out your message to the consumers, for instance if you are running a fundraiser, make sure the members are wearing eye-catching shirts with the brand’s name on them. Be bold in grabbing everyone’s attention to make your campaign a successful one.

Positivity is the key

Guerilla marketing tactics are all about capturing your target audience’s attention in unexpected ways. However, you would never want to capture negative attention. So the key is to remain calm and positive about your campaign and your competitor’s campaign as well. You can never achieve your goals by participating in negative behaviors towards your competitors. It may cause your audience to lose interest in you.

However, it’ better to remain calm and focus on the campaign’s main purpose instead of going head on with your competitors. So positivity is the key to make your guerilla marketing campaign a successful one.

Be convincing

Sometimes, guerilla marketing tactics depict intense emotions that impact the consumers and they get offended. It is always a better idea to have a convincing power in your marketing campaigns.

Let’s suppose, a fitness company might try to capture the attention of people who are obese or unfit. They have many ways to convince them to get back in shape and they can market their products with inspiring messages and health benefits instead of body shaming which could negatively affect their business. So, it is very important to be convincing while marketing your target audience, don’t impose anything on them forcefully.


Guerilla marketing is all about your brand’s identity and representing your business in a unique way, which is aesthetically appealing to your target audience. To have a successful guerilla marketing campaign, consider these guidelines and you will be on your way towards success.