Gadget Breakthroughs to Watch Out for This Year


In the past, technology has surprised us with some absolutely amazing devices and this year is no exception. In fact, there are now five gadgets breakthroughs that the tech community is excitedly awaiting the unveiling of. These are listed below and will provide a new angle and some new functionality for our life in the home, office and out around town.

Google’s Project Glass

The moment that Google slaps its name on something, you know it is going to be innovative. This is definitely true for Project Glass, a wearable computer interface that slips over a person’s eyeglasses. It is deemed to be useful for the following scenarios:

Maps and GPS tracking

Video conferencing

Weather forecasts

Instant location details

This is by far the most unique of all the tech gadgets due to be released in the coming year. While it may take a while to be fully accepted by a fashion-conscious public, it has the opportunity to literally change the way in which we look at the world around us.

Oculus Rift

While virtual reality is fairly old, it has never made it into the mainstream. This will certainly change with the release of the Oculus Rift. This virtual headpiece is PC compatible and immerses gamers in their environment in a seamless manner. Its 100° field of vision is complemented by motion sensors that allow users to naturally look around theirprojected world. Images are also entirely in 3D, giving a more natural view of that particular reality. Of course, it relies on sophisticated technology so you’ll need to seek laptop deals powerful enough to run top-of-the-line games. With the right computing power, you should have the ability to immerse yourself in some amazing virtual reality worlds thanks to the Oculus Rift.

Xbox 720

The successor to the Xbox 360 is currently shrouded in secrecy. Due to be released at the end of 2013, this games console has whipped up a tonne of hype that cannot be ignored. Presently, we know the console has the following features:

Blu ray support

Live TV recording

3D gaming capabilities

Motion sensor gaming

Augmented reality

All-in-all, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft handles this next step and whether they can remain on top in the console wars. This is certainly something that every gamer on Earth is waiting for.


Moving onto devices for the home, Nest is certainly something different when it comes to domestic heating. This high tech thermostat was created by two ex-Apple employees and features a whole range of functionality to make your household a more comfortable place to live. Up to five sensors can be connected together wirelessly to measure and adjust the temperature and humidity levels in the home.Nest also comes with activity sensors so it knows when somebody is in the room. In this way, you can control your energy expenditure when no one is around. Finally, it also allows for remote connectivity, giving users the ability to control the indoor climate directly through their mobile phones.

Basis Band

In the field of health and fitness, the Basis Band promises an improved way of monitoring your body’s internal conditions. Worn like a watch, this gadget can record accurate readings whether you are walking, rowing or lifting weights. Checking heartbeat, temperature, and sweat levels is a piece of cake thanks to this high tech device. Its ease of use and versatility will make it useful for a wide range of people, including exercisers and hospital staff. Forget about uncomfortable chest straps and limited fitness data; the Basis Band has you covered whether working out or recovering from an illness.