Get Your Kid’s Favourite Cartoon Channels With Airtel Digital TV

Airtel Digital TV

As parents, you always want to do the best for your child. Whether it’s giving them the best of education or making their childhood as much of a fun experience as possible. And what kind of childhood would it be without your kid obsessing over a bunch of cartoons, right? But, you also have to make sure that they watch the right mix of entertaining animated shows and informational programs.

So, if you’re wondering which DTH new connection you need, to get your little munchkin all excited, Airtel Digital TV is the way to go! Not only do they have some amazing DTH packages, but they also offer an inclusive list of Kids Channels that are perfect for your growing kid.

Top Kids Pack From Airtel DTH Offers

Airtel DTH offers a wide range of packages across genres and languages. In total there are 25 different plans and packages offered which include your kid’s favourite cartoon channels. These are some of our favourites and you can also choose from other plans available on Airtel’s website which includes regional channels as well:

Plan NameNumber Of ChannelsPrice
Freedom Sports & Kids HD pack124Rs 451/30 days
Freedom Sports & Kids HD 3M pack_Oriya_K112Rs 1163/90 days
Freedom Sports & Kids HD 6M pack_Marathi_K121Rs 2491/ 180 days
Hindi BB Freedom Sports and Kids plus 12M HD pack139Rs 5082/ 360 days

Although the names of these packs focus on the words ‘Sports’ and ‘Kids’, these plans also include numerous general entertainment channels, news channels, music, movie and infotainment channels among others.

Broadcaster Kids Bouquets And Airtel Kids Top-ups

Airtel offers a list of packs with Kids channels. But what if you already have a subscription and don’t wish to change your pack? For times like these, Airtel has a range of broadcaster bouquets and top-ups that can be added to your existing monthly DTH plan.

Let’s start with the most inclusive i.e. the Airtel All Kids Top-up priced at Rs 35 per month which comes with 11 channels for your kids. Then comes the Airtel Kids HD Top-up with 12 channels priced at Rs 47 per month.

Your growing kids also need to watch some informational programs along with their regular cartoons as they spend a good amount of their childhood being influenced by what they watch. So, Airtel offers the Discovery Bouquet 4 Kids Infotainment Pack which includes 4 infotainment channels priced at Rs 7.08 per month.

The DTH provider also offers brand-specific top-ups such as the Disney Kids Bouquet and the Turner Kids pack. While the former has 4 channels and is priced at Rs 11.8 per month, the latter has 2 channels and is priced at Rs 5.01 per month.

These top-ups are also extremely useful if you only want your children to watch these shows during a specific period. For example, the 2-3 month vacation after their exam is over. So, top-up whenever you like through Airtel’s website or app with DTH offers at your fingertips.

Choose From À La Carte Kids Channels

If neither of these work for you, Airtel also has an À La Carte list of Kids Channels. Following are the 14 channels along with their number and price that are currently available on Airtel Digital TV:

#447 Nick Jr – Rs 1.18

#449 Cartoon Network – Rs 5.01

#451 Pogo – Rs 5.01

#452 Cartoon Network HD+ – Rs 5.9

#453 Hungama TV – Rs 7.08

#455 Nick – Rs 7.08

#457 Marvel HQ – Rs 3.54

#458 Disney Channel – Rs 9.44

#460 Sonic – Rs 2.36

#461 Discovery Kids – Rs 3.54

#463 Disney Junior – Rs 3.54

#464 Cbeebies – Rs 5.9

#471 SONY YAY – Rs 2.36

This means you hardly have to spend Rs 62 to get all these channels for your little ones. Moreover, if you want your kid to also learn while enjoying their TV time, on channel number 469 is the TOPPER priced at Rs 69.62. So make your choice and get those Kids Channels for your little bundles of joy.