Google Pixel 2: all you need to know


The Pixel was the very first phone design that was done internally at Google and it had a lot of strengths: the camera is great, it was the first to be equipped with Nougat, and had the appearance of an Apple phone.

Unfortunately, the design was not innovative, it was very expensive and some of its components were not as good as those of the rivals. It was a nice first try anyway.

Apple phones typically enjoy significant enhancements and changes in their second round, and Google is expected to do the same for these Android-like phones on Android.

The leaks and rumors are beginning to evoke a release date about a new smartphone by Google- Google Pixel 2. Its released is scheduled for this year end, and the improvements look rather nice. Here’s what we know for now.


Google does not like to talk too much about its upcoming products, but that does not mean that there is no clue if we look good online. The few sources are generally a good start, and there are 2 code-names: “Walleye ” and ” Muskie ” (respectively “golden fish” and “pike”). These 2 therefore refer to fish, which corresponds to the names that Google had chosen to talk about Pixel and Pixel XL before they go out last year.

>>> It should be waterproof

The iPhone 7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 were both waterproof, and this became a standard for all high-end smartphones, but Google decided not to benefit the Pixel. Fortunately, sources say that the Google Pixel 2 should be equipped with a resistance to water and dust.

>>> The camera should improve

Pixel and Pixel XL already had one of the most beautiful cameras in the market, but not surprisingly, Google has a plan to keep pushing progress ever further. It is also said that the improvement will not be great (we already have 12.3 MP), but the Google Pixel 2 should be even better in case of low brightness, and many other things await us.

>>> It should be even more expensive

There are news that Google Pixel 2 would be at least $ 50 expensive than its predecessor pixel. Many new features are going to be there in this new generation pixel which makes it more overpriced.

>>> And a Snapdragon, one!

For its first Pixel, Google had chosen the best processor: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, and it looks like it will still be the case with the No. 2. One expects a processor of the Snapdragon 830 family, maybe the 835. But sources say that Google would have tested Intel processors and even tailor-made models.

>>> No jacks?

Surprise! Apple will not be the only one to get rid of the jack. Google may well do without the latest news.