You can stay connected through VoIP regardless of where you are and what device you are using. This gives you the flexibility of moving around and you are not fixed to a point making you lose out on working the globe and completing all the necessary tasks. However with a VoIP phone you can very easily be accessible for all regardless of location. So what about on a mobile device? Would it still be possible to handle calls and customer queries and international conference calls? Definitely, all this and more is possible with just a mobile in hand. And that is the advantage of this technology.

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Private access

You can quite easily log in to your voicemail service and access all the messages that you might have received. You can also make outbound calls as needed. However, it will not go through your number but from the number of your service provider only. So your private number remains just that, private. In this way you can connect with everyone through one access number. You have to download a mobile app for this system which takes a matter of minutes to get done. Once that is in place you can even make calls using the service provider’s number as the caller ID. Your number continues to remain confidential.

You can just as easily receive calls on the mobile phone as well. There is a feature where by you can set call handling and call forwarding features on the phone. This gives you the option to choose where your incoming calls will land. In fact you can also set a time that you would like the phone calls to reach you and also who are your contacts that can reach you. This is a great feature to ensure privacy and also to keep a note of who can get in touch with you. So you can see the incoming call that is coming in and the number it belongs to even when it lands on the service provider’s number.

Works across all OS

So some of the special features of the app for your mobile office include receiving and making calls via your service provider’s number. You can also stay in touch by listening to voicemails and viewing and managing faxes. You can keep a tab on the calls that have been accessed through your extension numbers as well as receive and send text messages and many more features. And you do not have to worry about the instrument you use as the mobile device for VoIP phones is available on Blackberry, Android and iOS phones.