How to Bring Your Site to the Front Page on Google and Attract New Customers

Bring Your Site to the Front Page

Do you want to acquire new customers through the web giving greater visibility to your company website?

Well, who wouldn’t want that?

You must know then that there is a method (simple, but not trivial in its application) that guarantees excellent results and allows you to bring the site of your company to the front page on Google.

This “method” – perhaps you’ve already heard of it – is better known as an “SEO strategy “.

What does SEO mean? And what does it mean to bring a site to the front page on search engines, Google in particular?

Let’s go in order and try to clarify any doubts with this article.

Because your company must also do SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and literally means “optimization for search engines”.

Optimizing your website in terms of search engines means making sure that it appears among the results of searches made by users based on certain words or expressions chosen by them, called “keywords” or “keywords”.

An SEO strategy is, therefore, the set of actions that must be taken to optimize a website based on user searches.

This type of strategy offers several advantages.

In particular, it does not require any kind of economic disbursement, if not the one due to the professional who will help you put the strategy into practice. But, for instance, you don’t have to pay Google to appear on the front page, as it happens for paid listings (but that’s another story …).

A well-crafted SEO strategy also allows you to thoroughly analyze your target audience and their psychology. The goal, in fact, is to identify those keywords that your potential customers usually type on Google when they are looking for information that meets their specific needs or that represents the solution to a particular problem.

How does SEO work?

Let’s take an example to clarify.

A user who is looking for a studio apartment for rent in Milan will most likely type in Google the term ” Studio for rent Milan ” with the aim of finding useful information that can satisfy this specific “need”.

If the announcement of a studio apartment for rent in Milan published on the site of your real estate agency is well optimized for search engines, the user should be able to see this ad on the front page on Google.

At that point the chances of him clicking on your ad link will be very high and your agency will have acquired a new lead (a contact to be turned into a customer).

Conversely, if your ad is not indexed on the first page, but on the second, third, fourth, and so on, the chances of intercepting that user will drastically decrease for the benefit of competitors who have posted similar ads to yours.

Your goal then is to implement the best SEO strategy to optimize your ad for that specific keyword.


Now, as you can see, the basic concept of SEO is very simple (make sure that your content is found by your audience based on what they are actually looking for). The difficulty lies in implementing the right strategy and this is the work of a good SEO professional.

It is good to be clear on this point: the goal is to try to get to the front page on Google for a particular keyword, but the ways to achieve it can be different depending on the specific case.

SEO is not an exact science, but a discipline that requires perseverance and flexibility and whose results are visible not earlier than 6/8 months (depending on the case also 10/12).

But once you have identified the right strategy, you will have gained a great competitive advantage over your competitors, who will inevitably have to resort to paid listings in order to be visible on search engines.

Your optimized content, on the other hand, will be clearly visible without the need for advertising.

SEO techniques or parameters to be on the front page on Google

But what are the most effective SEO techniques for bringing your site to the front page on Google?

Actually personally I prefer to talk about parameters rather than techniques. Because if there is one thing I learned by doing SEO it is that the effects resulting from the actions we put in place must be constantly monitored in order to then “adjust” them and optimize with time.

In short, monitoring is fundamental.

However, there are several parameters that you should constantly monitor and optimize in an integrated SEO strategy.

  • The loading speed of a web page is one of the factors that most influence its positioning on search engines. Think about it for a moment: what do you usually do when you land on a site that takes more than 10 seconds to show you the contents? I don’t know about you, but most users usually leave the site and pay their attention elsewhere. This is why Google penalizes slow sites and never makes them appear on the front page.
  • The ‘ optimization for mobile devices is another decisive factor for indexing. Nowadays most users access the web via smartphone and therefore expect to see sites that are always performing and easy to consult. Also in this case, if this does not happen, Google applies severe penalties in terms of visibility of the contents.
  • We will talk more about link building in one of the next articles. For the moment you just need to know that you can hardly get to the front page on Google without a link building strategy built specifically for your brand.
  • The quality of the content is another important SEO parameter, because it directly affects the time spent by the user on your website. If you publish interesting and engaging content, in fact, users will linger longer on your site and maybe they will come back more willingly to visit it even later. This is why Google rewards this type of content by pushing it to the front page.

In the next articles we will go into these and many other aspects in order to have a complete picture of everything you need to be able to reach your goal, or make your company website appear on the first page on Google for those keywords more look for your potential customers.

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