How To Securely Destroy Your Hard Drives To Protect Your Company’s Data


Securing a company’s data shouldn’t be contained at the virtual level. There’s a reason why most offices have guards in their data center. That’s to protect their data from possible intrusion on the physical level. However, the protection of your company’s data should be done beyond the facilities. A secure hard drive doesn’t mean that it’s not susceptible to intrusion especially if it goes to the wrong hands.

Why bother with optical media shredding?

Someone who’s inexperienced with data archival may tell you that as soon as you press right-click on the icon on the screen, click “format”, and press “okay” that you’re already in the clear when disposing the hard drive. This is not the case. There’s a reason why so many paper shredders nowadays have different patterns that are designed to make the paper impossible to reconstruct: diligent people have a lot of time in their hands.

Anyone who really wants the data of your company will find a way to reconstruct the data that you thought was gone from the hard drive that you’ve reformatted and disposed of. That’s why it is important that you look into hard drive destruction services to ensure that your company’s data is secured in destruction. There are different ways to protect your company’s data through destruction, but it is important to convince everyone in the company to be on board with it.

What’s the correct approach to hard drive destruction?

Instead of disposing of the hard drives used by the company by throwing them to the bin, the hard drives should be wiped out on the virtual level. After that, they should be sent off to a company that can do optical media shredding to ensure that all data is erased or replaced with “blank” data. This means that even if someone reconstructs what was reformatted, they will not be able to get your company’s data because everything has been replaced with dummy data.

Most companies that are fearful of data theft through hard drive reconstruction opt for hard drive destruction services to guarantee that their company’s data is safe. However, you should ensure that the process at which your hard drives are destroyed will ensure that no data will ever be reconstructed no matter how hard someone may attempt. You also have to make sure that the hard drive disposal process is appropriate for the type of hard drive that your company uses.

Just dousing your hard drive with water to “fry” the system is not enough. Physically destroying it to bits is time-consuming. Fortunately, you can contact a reputable company to dispose of the hard drives for you. There are companies that offer a service to wipe the data virtually, destroy the hard drives physically in a secure process, and get rid of the physical parts separately which are perhaps the best way to ensure that no data is ever gathered as a whole.

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