LCD TV: Have an Experience of Using the Best in the Market


Recently, LCD TVs have taken the market by a storm. They are the most bought TVs with a majority of homes around the world having an LCD TV in their living rooms. Most LCD displays are cheaper than other types of displays. In addition to that, the LCD TVs have more benefits. The article below aims to explain some of the benefits.

Extremely High Resolutions

LCDs can easily reach HDTV resolutions. In fact, most LCD displays have similar features as those of HDTVs. You can find a 1080p-capable LCD display in all but the smallest sizes. Even so, many plasma displays are still 720p. For instance, most Vu LCD TV models have been rated as the best by customer feedback. This means that LCD have enhanced resolutions.

Great Picture Quality

The newest and most expensive LCD TV use a LED (light emitting diode) backlighting system. LCD displays are able to produce a higher-quality picture since the LED backlighting system radiates a natural light compared to a bulb. This makes the light to be yellow, not true white.

Energy efficiency

LCD TVs are perhaps the greenest HDTVs. Compared to plasmas, LCDs use less electricity to run. Unlike similar sized plasma TVs, you can expect to use about 30 percent less power while using an LCD TV.

No Burn-In

An LCD TV is the best option if you want to play a lot of video games or do other things that involve a lot of static content. Moreover, with an LCD TV, you can end up with those images permanently burned into the phosphors on your screen.  Since LCDs use a separate backlight instead of creating their own light with phosphors, they are immune to the burn-in problem.

Excellent Color

LCDs offer exceptional reproduction of colors. Almost all LCD TVs present in the market have a clear, incredible and beautifully re-created display with a variety of colors across the spectrum. This differs from other flat-panel displays which often tend to display certain colors inaccurately. In short, this means that you will definitely enjoy the quality of pictures displayed by an LCD TV.

Inherently Progressive

LCDs don’t display their picture using electron guns scanning lines across a screen as it may be the case in direct-view systems. Instead, LCDs use millions of tiny transistors that can be controlled by the smart systems inside the display unit. This means that LCDs can easily handle progressive-scan sources, such as progressive-scan DVD and HD TV.

Capable To Work as a PC Monitor

Most LCD television displays can also do double-duty as a PC monitor. You can do this by plugging an LCD TV directly into any PC with a standard PC video cable. This will enable you to use them as a computer display.


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