Marketing As An Important Part Of Business Project Management


Nowadays, the success of any kind of business is much dependent on three complicated questions that should be always taken into consideration. They play a special role in getting a good position on the market and can actually help make your business a successful one.

Thus, before starting a new project or designing new goods, one should ask the following questions:

  • What should we produce?
  • How should we produce it?
  • For whom should we produce it?

These questions are especially important at the very start of any project or goods production. Answering them, a businessperson solves a number of issues. On the one hand, he or she sets objects and decides, which main features the goods and services should possess in order to be up-to-date and demanded. On the other hand, considering these questions, businesspeople have an opportunity to foresee the results of these or those projects, their profitability, as well as estimate production costs and resources, necessary to create the goods, in advance.

However, that sounds like a great job. It is essential that one cannot and should not spend all the time and effort only on marketing. Otherwise, one would not have enough time to contrive and design new things, search for business partners, conclude treaties and do many other important things. In addition, costumers needs and preferences are very changeable and fickle. They are very different and there is a plenty of them, which makes it quite complicated to take all of them into account.

New way to rule your business successfully

Modern business processes are very complicated and include many important aspects and stages. Each of them take a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, there are such special systems, which are intended to simplify and optimize all these processes. Using them, businesspeople can easily plan their company’s work and forecast the outcomes, always have quick access to all the necessary data and make the services and goods better, so they could meet the consumers requirements. The following systems are especially efficient and popular:

  • business project management system
  • customer relationship management system
  • CRM-driven system

Each of them has special advantages and can accelerate the enterprise’s work process. There are very few CRM and BPM systems and only one CRM-driven system, presented by CRM BPM’online software. This platform combines several products consisting of a consumer service based on CRM and many useful BPM tools, divided into two multifunctional products, which enable companies to study the market, make right decisions based on this knowledge and control the whole business process. One of them is bpm’online sales.

This product offers all the necessary tools to follow and control every project. It is multifunctional and makes it possible to cope with all the documents, including sharing, signing and printing ready-made contracts, pay bills online, create a well-structured database, use out-of-the-box processes and project management software. These and many other features, which you can get more information on, make it just indispensable to run a successful business.

However, there is one product, which exert even more influence on business process than this one. It is marketing because it is not only a product but also the whole set of stages, which proceed all the other stages.

Significance of BPM marketing

Marketing is a starting point for every new project. It may show you, what kind of product is popular, what are the customers needs and help you to understand, what features the goods should have and how they should be presented.

Marketing 2

Thus, many leading companies prefer to study the target market carefully before coming up with new products design and beginning new projects. This stage determines the success or failure of the whole project. Thus, experienced businesspeople rule their companies through special systems.

Using business process management software gives companies opportunity to avoid countless mistakes and delays connected with many different factors, including data losses, illegible notes of secretary and managers, which might designed in several incompatible programs, in notebooks and even on separate pieces of paper. Making your employees work on the particular platform, you become a full report of the whole work. So the analysis of the market and other analytic data will be precise, relevant, and of current importance.

Moreover, you can not only see the figures, but also easily transform them into schemes, graphics and proportions, create your target audience and send bulk emails without any efforts. It saves your time and helps to get more consumers as target marketing is always much more efficient than trying to attract attention of people, who are not interested in buying goods of this particular type.

Marketing automation software and its tools

Every efficient system, especially if it is intended to solve many complicated issues and provide many functions, has to offer users a plenty of tools. In addition, it should have a simple but pleasant interface. BPM system has been created in order to optimize the work and so it should be handy and provide quick access to any information one needs, for example, bpm’online makes it possible to use out-of-the-box processes for many things, including lead management. It remembers all the data you fill in and fills out all the known columns the next time. All you need is to confirm the data accuracy or correct them if something has changed. If you would like to get more information about this system, you can visit bpm’online community.

You have already learned many things about marketing analytical tools. However, marketing automation software offers much more opportunities. It enables you not only to follow the processes, but also to plan and to control them. Business process management marketing has a managing function, represented by the following tools:

  • Lead management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Email-marketing
  • Event management
  • Productivity tools

Thanks to lead management, you can observe visitor behavior on your website, lead different channels and sources. This tool makes it possible to evaluate the efficacy of the analytics. At the same time, marketing campaign management enables you to make multichannel campaigns, have a constant connection with your prospects and attract their attention to your goods and services.

Email marketing is a personalized tool, allowing bulk emails with the following analytics of the results and testing emails in advance. There is also event management, providing easy access to all the promotions, advertising, webinars, meetings, conferences and so on. It will not let you forgive anything important. And the productivity tools will help you to plan your tasks and meetings in your own calendar. You can also create different tasks linked to your contacts, documents, places and other important data.

All in all, these functions are the main features of the BPM marketing and are able to optimize the work of companies, helping in analyzing all the data and improve any organizational problems the company may have.

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