Reasons Why Your Website is Underperforming (Check How to Fix Them)


In today’s competitive IT world if the performance of your website is not up to the mark then you’ll not only lose on site traffic but also will lose your customer’s trust.

It is extremely necessary to assure that your website is up to the level of expectations of your audience. If the performance of your website is very low, then there may be some major reasons behindthat andrequires your attention.

Here, the following are the main reasons that are affecting your website performance and how to fix them:

#1: Website Not Found by the Search Engines

Most visitors try to search out your websites through Google or other search engines. But, if a search engine is not able to fetch and find your website, it will be not visible to the audience. The search engines fetch sites which are crawled and indexed. Basically, search engines determine the website homepages first and then reach to the internal links. Each and every page of a website including images and posts are indexed. If your site is not crawled and indexed, the possibility is there that your site is configured in a way where search engines are getting blocked from indexing your website links.

  • Solution:

Checking out with Google Search Console is the best way to identify the reason behind why your website not getting indexed by search engine. Google Search Console previously named Google webmaster; is a platform that gives a whole perception of why the website is not found in search results and what you need to do to get it fixed.

#2: Website is indexed but still not found

Even if the site is crawled it is possible that it won’t be visible in search results. If your site appears but gone a step too far in search engine result, it will get affected by the visitor. Because user generally visits the websites that appears on first page or possibly second page of the search result. And in this case, if your website doesn’t seem on the first or second page, it’s a time where you need to work more on it.

  • Solution:

If you want your website to appear on top of search results and want to get more traffic, then you really need to focus and implement more on SEO techniques. You should have high-quality, high authority backlinks to your website; which will help to improve domain authority of your site with good search engine rankings. Both the Off-page and On-page optimization are equally important. It can take some period for your website to get it on top but it is possible with constant effort.

#3: Your Website takes too long for Loading

Would you like to browse and wait for a website that is taking a long time to load? Obviously No! Right?

If any user visits your website and found that it is taking too long to load, then it is obvious that they will drop your site and move on to another website. In other words, a slow loading website will negatively impact on your site visitors, customer trust and eventually on conversions.

  • Solution:

There must be several reasons that cause your website to load slow. The very first thing to look is whether your website carries heavy files or images, if yes, then you must optimize them. You can optimize your site images by simply reducing their size so that it takes less space and this will help them to load quickly.

Secondly, make sure that your website is hosted on a powerful web hosting platform which is backed by the strong SSD servers and provides enough bandwidth and space for the functioning of your website.Check if your site is running at slow speed with your existing web hosting package and if it is, then you can upgrade or change your host. You can also host your website with MilesWeb the Best Cloud Hosting Provider in India. With them, you’ll experience a boost in your website speed, along with instant data access and faster file transfer.

Lastly, you can also check on Google Page Insights tool to find out the reason why your site loads slow and what are the factors on your site that needs an improvement to make it fast.

#4: Website does not display correctly on multiple Devices

Recent growth in the internet world, there has been a huge change in how websites are being browsed on the internet. Where your site is accessed not only through PC, but now visitors also prefer accessing it via mobile devices or tabs as well. Predominantly, websites are browsed through smartphones. Which means if your website is not responsive or mobile friendly it can affect to lose your targeted audience?

  • Solution:

It is important to have a responsive website design so that it works well on all the devices. Having a responsive design will always work best on all devices. You can also upload mobile-friendly theme if working with WordPress, or it also has the plugins that can convert any site to a mobile app. You can also test your website in the Google’s mobile-friendly checker whether it is mobile friendly or not. This will display what are the factors that you require working on to make site mobile friendly.

#5: Getting difficult to find anything on your Website

An essential feature of a good website is to make it easier for the people to get what they are looking for. For example, if the user visits your site to find something, but it’s taking too long for the website to load, then it’s but obvious that the user will try and search for another site. A user-friendly and easy to navigate website will always assure the visitor with good browsing experience.

  • Solution:

Create a simple website design with proper categories and options that makes easy for the visitors to find. The features such as website internal search, sitemap, and related displaying items are also quite helpful. Also, make sure to check and fix the broken links as well.

The above-stated factors can have a notable impact on your website performance. If your website is not functioning or meeting as per the user’s expectation, it is crucial to investigate and correct those basic important factors that are mentioned above.

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