Vidmate Platform: What is it and how to download it?


Many people don’t use applications for watching the videos because they feel it is really difficult. What do you think? Do you think that way? What exactly you have in your mind? Well, what if someone tells you that there is a platform that is easy to use, perfect for the video lovers and anyone can download it free of cost? Ah, it sounds like a dream right? Well, wake up it is the reality today in the presence of Vidmate app.

What is Vidmate app?

Vidmate app or platform is a place that gives you an access to unlimited videos. You can watch and download any types of videos. there are myriad of videos that can be loved and explored in the realm of this app. you can easily use it and the good part is that it links you up with all the videos that are available on other platforms. For example, if you want to watch or download a video that is available on video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Dailymotion and so on; you can do that with ease. You can easily search the video in the app and you would get the same.

Downloading is not a pain

You can easily do Vidmate download from their official website. If you are an android user or you want to use the platform on your computer, you can easily download this app.

Android users

If you are using android phones or tablets then you just have to enable the option of ‘un-known sources’ in the settings. In this way you would be able to download the app easily. The screen might show you a bar saying that the source of the app is unknown and do you want to download and install it? Well, here you have to hit yes.  The phone shows this option because the application is from the third party source.  It means the application is not available on the play store.

Then once you have hit the ok or yes button, the downloading would begin. Once it is done. You just have to start installing it. It would take a few seconds or maximum a minute to install.  Once that is done you are ready to make the most of the app. the application would be there in your phone or tablet whatever you are using.


If you want to use the application on your windows computer then too you can easily find the application. It is available on the official website of Vidmate.  You can choose the type of windows you have and you are good to go. The moment you download it, you can install it without any hurdles.

It is not paid

Many of you might be having a question by now about price. Well, the application is absolutely free. You would not have to spend even a single penny. The application will just use your internet for working and that is all. Of course, it sounds too good to be true right? But wake up it is the truth. The developers of the Vidmate app understand the needs of the video lovers and hence they have come up with this platform.

Thus, you can download the Vidmate app easily and without any safety issues.