What is Power BI’s Key Influencers Visual

Power BI

In Power BI there are two visualizations that help you quickly pinpoint the most important influencers in your data:

The Clustering Card visual and its more powerful counterpart, the Key Influencer Card.The Clustering Card visualization takes a numeric value and groups similar values together to form “clusters.” The Key Influencer Card then takes these clusters and selects the “key influencers” based on how much they stand out from the other values.

When you visualize your data this way you can instantly identify which items are impacting the rest of your data set, and which items are being impacted by others. In this article I show you a simple example of how to use the Key Influencer Card to quickly spot outliers or values that impact other values.

The Key Influencers visual shows how each row in a table is influenced by the columns under which it sits. This visual can be used to present recommendations, and inform future decisions.

Key Influencer Analysis is a technique used in customer relationship management (CRM) to identify “key influencers” in a customer’s decision-making process. In identifying key influencers, organizations can better understand how customers make purchase decisions and create strategies to more effectively target customers. The technique was first described in 1979 by John A. McDermott at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.*

The first step for creating the Key Influencer Visual is importing the social network data into Power BI from Microsoft Dynamics 365 or from Salesforce into Power Query / Get & Transform. Once you have imported your social network data, you will want to use the Transform tab in Power Query to rename columns and remove duplicate entries. To know more information on this, click for details.

Tables with numeric and categorical data lend themselves well to this visualization. The Key Influencers visual also benefits from having a large number of rows in your table (and a small number of columns).

In the Key Influencers Visual, you are able to easily identify the top key influencers that may affect your brand. This is helpful as it gives a clear view of which influencers matter to both you and your competitors.

Key Influencers are those who have a large reach and high social authority. In other words, they have the ability to influence a larger audience. It is also an easy way to see who your competitors are paying attention to and who matters most to them.