Which One to Have: Dyson V6 or Dyson V7?

Dyson V6 or Dyson V7?

Dyson is known for producing for vacuum cleaners that are both innovative and unique. An example of this is the presence of their rotating balls that enable easy turning and enhanced suction. Dyson also has root cyclone technology. This is a suctioning technology that makes sure that dander, dust, dirt, hair, and pollen don’t become airborne and instead go directly into the cleaner.

The thing about Dyson or any brand of vacuum cleaner at that is you need to choose from among many models with various features for each. For the cordless vacuum cleaners of Dyson, there are already three product ranges namely V6, V7, and V8 with more than 10 models. These do not include the handheld types and those that are available only in other countries. This makes it important to read articles and reviews comparing various models such as Dyson V6 vs V7.

The V6 series is not the first cordless vacuum series of the company but it gave the company the breakthrough in this type of vacuum cleaner. The V6 is still out there in the market as one of the most powerful cordless vacuum cleaners. It has become so popular and the best series to rival the top performing corded vacuums available in the market.

Dyson V6 stands out when compared to other cordless vacuums because it can be converted into a handheld unit by removing the tube, which makes it more versatile. The V6 is also known for exceptional suction and fade-free battery power.

It also comes with many other features such as a docking station for charging the unit and a bagless functionality. It can be purchased with a direct-drive cleaner head and also a fluffy head that can be used on hard floors. However, you can only find these on some models.

The V6 is the largest range of products that the company manufactures today. They come in both stick and handheld versions.

The V7 series has many features that are the same as V8. First off, it has the same trigger design which means that you need to hold down the button when it is not in use. It also possesses the same detachable handheld mode, the max power button, plus the direct-drive vacuum head for hard floors. The V7 is cheaper than the V8 models even if they do have the features of the premium model. The features include the no-touch dirt emptying system and longer battery life for the unit.

There are a couple more differences between V6 and V7. The filtration system itself differs between different models of the same series. The V6 has a slightly more suction power when used in standard cleaning modes. However, V7 has more brush power which can contribute a lot to its cleaning performance.