Why 9apps Is Best Alternative To Google Play store?


9apps is one of the popular and leading application stores which is currently accessible for Android users. It is considered to be the best app store when compared to others. It executed well and gained a huge reputation among android users all over the world. 9apps has a lot of applications and games for every version of android device. It is a reliable and trusted app store. This alternative is said to be a good app store in order to download applications for free. It will satisfy the needs and requirements of every user. Its main aim is to serve premium apps completely at free of charge. It was developed by Alibaba group in China. One can acquire any kind of apps which are available at Play store. Look at some reasons why 9apps is needed for every smartphone.

  • Small size

One of the main reasons to get this best alternative is that small size. This app store is tiny size package. Due to this, it will easily fit the memory of your gadget. So you can download without concern about the space. It has a broad range of Android based application which one can save easily. It only takes a fraction of seconds to get installed on your phone.

  • Unlimited downloads

Another reason to get 9apps is that everyone can enjoy unlimited downloads. There is no limitation on app downloading. You can download as many videos you need. It is totally accessible at free of cost.

  • Safe to use

This app store is fully protected and free of viruses. Therefore you no need to worry about any security issue. Each and every app in it is pre-checked. So it does not harm your gadget.

  • Compatible will all android versions

This best alternative is compatible will all android versions. 9apps Apk download is accessible for all versions so you can install 9apps in any OS device.

  • Fast download speed

This tool comes with fast download speed. It is 200% faster than other apps. So it will increase the speed of your download. Within a few clicks, get your app download onto your device.

  • Free of cost

It is one of the most amazing features. It is totally available at free of cost. This seems that one can avail more apps and games without paying any single money. All the apps are completely free for all version of android

  • Ease of use

This app is very simple to use. It offers a chance to get what you need within a short time. It comes with a simple to use interface which anybody can effortlessly access all apps and games without any hassle. Moreover, it is user-friendly and convenient to use by all android users.

  • Available in many languages

It is obtainable in 14 languages including English. So you can get this tool in any of the languages which are comfortable for you.

  • More popular

Millions of people all over the world are using this app store. It is highly accepted and trendy by users.