WP Reset Plugin – How to Reset WordPress with One-Click?


At times, it is necessarily important to reset your WordPress site to default installation values. It is a process of removing all customizations. You might think about removing data, theme and other sources step-by-step. But the fact is that- it is not only time-consuming but also a hectic task. If you use WP reset plugin, this will quickly reset the site’s database. It is fast, easy and safe to use. The best thing is that you have to process through multiple-safe mechanisms with which it protects your data from accidental loss.

If you are going to be the first time user, there are many things that you have to keep in mind for making the process accurate. In this context, you must know these facts-

Resetting of the Site will Delete-

  • All WordPress database tables
  • All posts, custom post types, media entries, comments, pages

Resetting of the Site will not Delete-

  • WordPress address, site title, site address, search engine visibility and site language
  • Files, themes, plugins

This is all about the reset plugin. In case you need a significant amount of time to modify your site and do the maintenance, you can use coming soon plugin. It displays the message of the site owner on the main screen whenever visitors reach the website online. With this approach, the targeted audience remains aware of the site maintenance process. To make it interesting, you can use countdown coming soon plugin.

How to Reset WordPress? – Learn the Steps Here!

The process is as simple as you read this text. At first, you have to log in to your site and go to the Plugins. Now, you have to search for Tools and then WordPress Database Reset. In case it is not activated, you have to hit the activate button. Once it gets activated, you can reset WordPress by confirming the same.

To keep it protected from accidental reset, it has multiple fail-safe mechanisms. It means you have to pass through them. No doubt, it is very handy. When the process of resetting gets completed, you can notice that database is wiped and restored to default. You must know that there is no undo option once you go with resetting your WP site. If you have any other plans, you must think in that way. However, resetting is the best option.

Remember that you will be logged out automatically during the process. Also, you will be logged in to the admin dashboard after the process. Here you can notice no other activated plugins rather than WP reset. If you want to add WordPress plugins, you have to take a test before finalizing anyone. Or else, you can go with the themes and plugins that were installed previously.


You might have a concern whether resetting WP modifies any files or not. In this context, you must know that there is no editing and no modification of files. Everything remains untouched and safe. However, it is advised to hire professionals for this process.