The Best Three Video Chat Apps


Thanks to video chat, people all over the world can see and talk with friends and loved ones regardless of the distance as long as they have an internet connection and computers or smart gadgets. There are lots of video chat apps offering the same service but with different features. Here is a look at the top three video chat apps in terms of quality.

  1. Skype

Skype is one of the most-used video chat apps. It has over 700 million registered users. Its popularity can perhaps be attributed to its head start and its compatibility with all the major operating systems, i.e., iOS, android, Linux and virtually any other major OS out there. As long as you have good internet connection and a compatible device for a video/audio chat and with anyone for as long as you like. It has other services like call forwarding, call waiting, call transfer and voicemail caller ID. Its great features and unbelievably low costs of calling are what makes it the best and most popular, leaving the VoIP service providers to catch up.

  1. Google hangouts

Google hangouts come as a replacement of Google talk. Like Skype, it also has a long list of clients growing day by day. It is integrated in to every gmail account saving you the trouble of installing it. It however requires that you download an additional plug-in to work. Through it, you can video conference with up to 10 different people at the same time and share photos and other cool stuff. It is also compatible with iOS, android and computer platforms. Furthermore, you can text message and make phone calls to landlines and cell phones at low prices.

  1. OoVoo

OoVoo too is also compatible with all the operating systems. In addition to video chats, users can communicate through instant messaging and voice chats. What’s more, it is not restricted to registered users only; non-members can chat with members through web browser if they do not want to sign up. You can also record video chats for up to 1000 minutes between you and your friends as you talk and share on YouTube or keep for personal use. Its video quality has also been ranked as one of the best although it requires you to be in a well-lit room when chatting for good visibility. It also has a desktop feature that allows you to share the files and documents on your desktop with whoever you are chatting with. It also allows users to make calls through landlines and mobile phones to 30 different countries once they purchase OoVoo credits or a monthly plan of this service. Perhaps the best thing about this video chat app is that it is free when you are using it to chat with a maximum of three people. You however have to pay to chat with more. Well if you’re looking forward to buy these apps then try using sky contact number to get more information about these.