Video Downloading Applications – Know the Difference


Video sharing and hosting websites do not allow users to download videos. Moreover, certain websites charge heft amounts for downloading videos and other multimedia content. Uses find it difficult to download videos and fulfil their entertainment and educational needs.

Video downloading applications helps a user with the same. Users can download their favourite video, movie and music in multiple formats and resolutions on their smart devices. There are numerous video downloading applications available on the internet which differ in their features or interface but provide the same service of video downloading. A user can search for their favourite multimedia content and can save them on their devices using such applications which are available free of cost on the internet. Moreover, such videos can be downloaded for free. Users must download the latest versions of applications like vidmate 2018 to avail maximum benefits.

Top five video downloading applications which one can install on their smart devices are listed below:

Video Graber:

Video graber is one type of video downloading application which allows its user to search and save their favorite multimedia content like videos and movies. One can even convert a video from one format to another or into MP3 which can be used as a podcast for listening to their songs and lessons. The application has its own video manager which helps in efficient organization of downloaded content.

HD video downloader:

This application allows its user to download videos in HD and even ultra HD formats. The AI based technology identifies every type of video which can be downloaded ranging from 320p to 4K resolutions. Users can select the best resolution and start downloading the same. The application supports unlimited downloads which can be downloaded at faster speeds without experiencing any lags.

Full video downloader:

Some video downloading applications on the internet are lite versions of the actual applications using which videos up to particular size or length can be downloaded and watched. Full video downloader helps its user to download full version of the videos without any interruptions to the downloads. Videos can be watched using the inbuilt media player which makes the application all the more appealing. The download booster feature helps in diverting the internet speed for downloading videos.

Freemake video downloader:

The application provides both video downloading and editing services to its users. Users can download videos from almost any website and can even edit the downloaded video using the same application. The application has amazing video playback option. Moreover, one can add subtitles to the downloaded videos using the inbuilt subtitles finder and upload option.


One of the most highly rated video downloading applications on the internet, Vidmate helps an individual to download unlimited HD videos. The application supports multiple websites from which videos can be downloaded. The application also has multi language support and can stream videos from the website where videos are available. Apart from video downloading and streaming, users can also watch live television on the vidmate 2018 application. The app streams almost 200 channels which can be saved for future use and modifications.

These applications have completely removed any obstruction which a user face to download videos and their favourite multimedia content.