The Beginners Guide to 9Apps


Possibly the most difficult thing to imagine today would be a life without the internet. The internet plays such a vital part in even our seemingly mundane chores. It’s just that we never realize it. The ‘Smart Phone’ comes second in line. It has either become or is becoming an extension of people’s arms now. Even with smart phones, there is a need for a variety of applications, as one app cannot satisfy all the need of a consumer.

When there is a need for more than one or two applications, it only makes sense to have a common platform from which to download them. 9Apps does exactly that.

What is 9Apps?

9Apps is a platform owned by the Chinese group called, Alibaba Group of Companies. This is a platform which attempts to create a common site or place from where users can download or install applications. This rule out the need to go online, look for a suitable website to download the application from, and to make sure that it is not virus infected. Instead, all customers have to do is to open 9Apps and download the application of their choice, because 9Apps does the rest for them.

Though it has a primary base in China, 9Apps has grown to expand and capture the attention of many more countries.

What makes 9Apps better than its contemporaries is that it is quick, user-friendly and doesn’t charge any money or have any hidden costs in the form of premiums. The last point, being one of the main reasons for its popularity.

Is it safe to use 9Apps?

9Apps is completely and one hundred percent safe. It puts the safety and security of its client’s data before everything. Every precaution is taken to make sure that clients don’t face any trouble. Moreover, there are very stringent rules regarding who can upload applications on the site. 9Apps also performs its own scans and checks to make sure that the application in itself is not harmful in anyway.

The cherry on the cake is that, unlike its competitors, it has the most stringent restrictions in place but, only as many as needed. This means that a lot of applications that are not on other platforms can be found here. At the same time, it is ensured that no data is lost, stolen or leaked.

How can one upload their application on 9Apps?

It is surprisingly easy to upload applications on 9Apps. There is a very simple procedure that is to be followed.

  • On the app, there is a link that allows a user to upload an application. The user needs to click on this link first.
  • Ten the contact details need to be filled. This needs to be done carefully, with the utmost precision. The user will be contacted using this information. Forgery or even an attempt at forging this information is an offense.
  • The application along with the material needs to be uploaded.
  • The site will check and go over the application and, if they are satisfied with it, it is published.


, is extremely beneficial and definitely makes things a lot easier for everyone.