The Inner Workings of a Computer

Inner Workings of a Computer

We all know how to use a computer, and while some are more competent than others in this area, few people actually understand the inner workings of their machine. Most people simply take their computer to a repair shop when it malfunctions and you can buy these products from an online store with that in mind, here is a brief description of the inner workings of a computer.

The Major Hardware Components

Every computer comprises of the following:

  • CPU
  • Hard drive
  • RAM chips
  • Motherboard
  • Keyboard
  • Video card

The above components are installed on the motherboard, which has slots for each, and with a monitor that is either built in or a stand-alone unit, the machine is ready to go. If your computer has issues, there is affordable laptop repairs in Shoreham-By-Sea that are carried out by experienced professionals.

Computer Software

The software is the programs that run on the machine, and they begin with the operating system (OS), which would likely be a version of Microsoft Windows. Other software is installed once the OS is in place, which will enable you to carry out many different tasks from word processing to video editing.

Complex Systems

There are many things that could go wrong with a computer, such as hardware malfunctions or software issues, and should you have any problems, you are advised to seek the help of an IT expert. Once the fault has been diagnosed, the specialist can carry out prompt repairs, which might involve replacing a component.

Computer hardware in constantly in a state of development, and what might have been state of the art a couple of years ago, might well be obsolete today.